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This Flavour is NOT gluten-free and has 1g of carbs per half bag.
Introducing ENERCHEEZ® Poutine-flavoured cheese snack, It’s the iconic Candian poutine dish without the fries! Take that slapshot puck to the face.
The ultimate choice for fueling your Canadian adventures, oot and aboot! (we don’t sound like that btw) Made with 100% cheese, this mouth-watering snack will have you saying “sorry” to your cravings! We utilize patented technology to safely dehydrate cheese, which means no igloos needed to store this bad boy buds! ENERCHEEZ® provides the energy, protein, and calcium you need for any occasion like skating or dog sledding to work!
Straight from the beaver and moose filled British Columbia mountains, embrace the true Canadian spirit and indulge in the hilariously delicious taste of Poutine in every bite.
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