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Cheddar Garlic

  • Price: $7.99
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100% Premium Artisan Crunchy Cheese

Our premium crunchy Enercheez® infused with garlic. Garlic lovers will be in garlic heaven. This is the NEW way to eat cheese that requires zero refrigeration! Enercheez® is delicately made from 100% Canadian cheese from a small family-owned cheese company nestled in the British Columbian mountains.


● Keto-licious
● All-Natural
● NO Preservatives
● NO Additives
● N0 Artificial Flavours
● Gluten-Free

Enercheez® is great as..

● The Ultimate Cheesy
● Salad Booster
● Soup Enhancer
● Hiking Fuel
● Kids Lunches are the Best!! (PEANUT FREE FACILITY)

24 reviews for Cheddar Garlic
  • matt.caldwell (store manager)

    These remind me of all the best parts of a delicious garlic bread without all that heavy bread… Superbly balanced and that crunch… GIMME MORE!

  • Lisa (store manager)

    Great snack! These didn’t last long in our house over the holidays!

  • Danica (verified owner) (store manager)

    Absolutely amazing

  • Norman F Brown (verified owner) (store manager)

  • Taryn (verified owner) (store manager)

  • eronica Hampshire (verified owner) (store manager)

    Sooo good. We love this one

  • Jill Brooksbank (verified owner) (store manager)

    Party for my taste buds!

  • Vanessa L. (verified owner) (store manager)

    My favourite snack!!

  • Anne K. (verified owner) (store manager)

  • Kanwar K. (verified owner) (store manager)

    Mild garlic taste not overpowering

  • Misty Strachan (verified owner) (store manager)

  • Kristin F. (verified owner) (store manager)

    My favourite of them all! That garlic hint is exactly perfect for me!!

  • Alexandra M. (verified owner) (store manager)

  • Jason Tribbiani (verified owner) (store manager)

  • Jason Tribbiani (verified owner) (store manager)

  • Patricia G. (verified owner) (store manager)

    Love the garlic finish

  • Jason T. (verified owner) (store manager)

    Great Snack, me and my families love it very much~~

  • Annie (verified owner) (store manager)

  • Mario (verified owner) (store manager)

    Gold medal, tied with the garlic variety. Beat the entire competition with flying colors!

  • Jill (verified owner) (store manager)

  • Keith (verified owner)

  • Paige S. (verified owner)

  • Jeannine chenier (verified owner)

  • Paul B. (verified owner)

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